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    Granite is one of the most durable of all building materials and will endure for years without significant change in color or durability. Not only does granite look beautiful, but it also contains minerals that are toxic to bacteria making granite an ideal countertop surface. Granite Planet has the largest granite remnant yard in Tucson where you’re bound to find the perfect piece for your master bath remodel, guest vanity, outdoor barbecue, fireplace mantel, or any other passion project you’re working on. Come visit our showroom today!

    There are so many reasons why we favor granite as the best possible material for a kitchen countertop, and why we have chosen to specialize in this wonderful, versatile rock.

    Durable– In its natural state, granite requires very little processing to make it ready for your kitchen or bathroom. As an igneous rock that forms from magma, it actually makes up part of the Earth’s crust, so it has to be pretty tough! For this reason, it’s been used in construction for many centuries.

    Antibacterial– The natural minerals in granite are toxic to bacteria, making a granite countertop a superb, safe work surface in your kitchen. This also means less cleaning in general, so you get time in exchange for your dollar!

    Heat-resistant – Granite doesn’t melt or warp so you can place hot pans directly onto the surface without any concern.

    Scratch-resistant – Granite is an exceptionally hard material, so it can’t be scratched by much. This doesn’t mean you should throw away your chopping boards though – granite is tough enough to blunt your knives!

    Stain-resistant – The density of granite, especially when you pick one of the darker colors – means that granite doesn’t stain easily, so you can just wipe away minor spillages without panicking.

    Chemical-resistant – A lot of materials used for countertops are particularly sensitive to acids, which can stain, discolor and even degrade. Granite is resistant to acid and most chemicals, which again means you’ve nothing to worry about!

    Versatile– It’s not just worktops that we can use granite for, though. The durability of the material means it’s a great choice for splashbacks and tiling too, both inside and out.

    Easy to maintain – Of course, all of this means that you never have to do much maintenance when it comes to your granite countertops or splashbacks. Just a wipe down with a cloth and some soapy water will do the trick 99% of the time. It really is as far from labor-intensive as you can get in your home.