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    From tear-out to installation, at Granite Planet, we are with you every step of the way during your remodeling project. Your tiles, sinks, vanity units, custom tubs, walls – we do it all. And best still, we have the largest granite remnant yard in Tucson, so you don’t need to waste money buying a full-size granite slab. You can come and visit us and choose a remnant that will be just as high quality but save you money. At Granite Planet, a little goes a real long way!

    How We Work

    Because we specialize in custom projects, the first step is to meet you and conduct a thorough consultation. We want to take a look at what you’ve got, what space you have, and what you’d like to have at the end of it all. If you’re struggling for design ideas or you want us to completely work something up for you, that’s fine – we’ve got the experience, the skills, and the time for you. To schedule an estimate, just give us a call on (520) 747-1008 or swing by and say hi!

    After we’ve had a chat with you, it’s time for us to get to work. We mock up a detailed design plan for you, so you can really imagine what your new bathroom will look like when we’re done. We’re qualified and experienced in entire remodels for custom homes from top to bottom, so we’ll give you a really great picture and you can suggest any changes you like. Remember, the name of the game is custom.

    When we move on to our construction work, we keep in touch with you throughout. We have four decades of project management experience to call on, and we pride ourselves on the best communication possible with all our customers.

    Of course, we also provide a comprehensive warranty as well as tips on cleaning and maintenance for tiles, granite, soapstone, and any other materials we use in the construction of your perfect bathroom. At Granite Planet, we’re there for you every step of the way – and beyond!